From Kintetu Nara station 【5minutes walk】

1,  Go out the west ticket gate and go up to the ground.

2,  Go down the west the main street (omiya st,) ' The opposite direction to Nara park'

3,  You can find the yellow flag on your right side.

    That is Yuzan Guesthouse Annex!

From JR Nara station 【10minutes walk】

​1,  Go out the ticket gate and go down the east gate.

2,  Go straight Sanjo-street to Nara park about 4 minutes.

3,  On your right side, you will find the bank" 京都中央信用金庫 Kyoto-chuo-sinyou- kinko". On you left side, you will find speciality food and goods shop in Nara "JAアンテナショップJA-antena- shop".

Turn left at this shop.

​Go straight about 3 minutes.

4,  Cross at the crosswalk, you can find Yuzan Guesthouse Annex.