Room & Service

​Room type

Superior room
Standard room
Twin room
4 beds room A (private room)
4 beds room B (private room)



Basically, 4 bedrooms A and B are offered as private rooms. If you wish to use in the dormitory room, please email us.

Kitchen for guests

・ You can use a shared kitchen for guests.

・ In the kitchen, IH cooking heater, refrigerator, microwave oven, toaster, rice cooker, kettle, dishes, etc. are available.

・ Condiments include oil, salt, pepper and sugar.

・ Free coffee and tea.

Shower rooms

There are two shower rooms.

Available 24 hours a day.

The hair dryer is available from 8:00 to 24:00.

One shower room is equipped with a bathroom heater.

There are body soap and rinse in shampoo.

​*The bathtub cannot be used. Only for showers.

Facility and service

・ Luggage storage before check-in is from 8 am. 

・ Luggage storage after check out is until 21:00.

・ Manga, PC, guide book, etc. in shared space.

・ Free WIFI, Free PC

Paid service

Washing Machine

200 yen once ​with detergent

Closes dryer

100yen/20 minutes

Rental bike

100yen/1 hour

500yen/one day(~23:00)



〒630-8247 奈良県奈良市油阪町423

​TEL: 0742-81-7871


Yuzan Guesthouse

423, Aburasakacho, Nara-shi, Nara, 630-8247, Japan